Martial Arts Classes in Montclair, New Jersey

Dream Martial Arts is proud to serve Upper Montclair and its surrounding areas with World Class Martial Arts Training. Would you or your child like to try Martial Arts training for free? Click below to schedule your free class at Dream Martial Arts!


Kids MMA

Our Kids Mixed Martial Arts program focuses on three areas: fitness and wellness, character development and self-defense. Students learn techniques from a variety of styles.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

BJJ is a grappling art that helps men, women and kids get in great shape while building self-defense skills. BJJ techniques enable a smaller person to defeat a larger, stronger opponent.

Self-Defense / Fitness

If you are looking for a great way to get in shape, without hours at the gym, consider the Dream Martial Arts Fitness Program. You can shed some pounds while learning self-defense skills!

Children's MMA / Karate Classes in Montclair New Jersey

kids martial arts montclair nj

Martial Arts, ultimately, is about self-discovery, self-improvement and the perfection of character of its participants. Our approach to teaching the martial arts emphasizes the avoidance of potentially harmful situations, continues with non-violent conflict resolution to de-escalate a potential conflict, and finally underscores a last resort / self-defense ONLY policy of utilizing martial skills.

We train our students in practical techniques for real world situations and teach them about the responsibility that comes with that knowledge. Mindfulness is imbued in the entire curriculum and an important training modality for concentration and stress reduction.

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For a limited time, Dream Martial Arts is welcoming everybody in our area to come enjoy a free class at our Upper Montclair Martial Arts school. From kids to adults, professionals to beginners, we are sure you'll love our programs and will feel like a part of the Dream Martial Arts Family!

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Montclair New Jersey

Adult Martial Arts Montclair NJ

Dream’s adult program will give you access to a variety of martial arts styles to transform you into a complete martial artist. Our base art is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) with a focus on technical proficiency for self-protection and sport competition. Strength and conditioning fitness modalities will support your BJJ practice with a focus on injury prevention and recovery.

Additional Martial Arts offerings will focus on striking proficiency and effective combat preparation. In short, students will be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to defend themselves and their loved ones in all phases of hand-to-hand combat.

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Both Physical and Mental

Great activities for kids and parents. The teaching includes both the physical and mental aspects of martial arts. Great instructor.

Porter Mason

Martial Arts School in Montclair NJ

Dream Martial Arts is Upper Montclairs best karate school. If you are looking for the most professional Martial Arts instructors in the area, then you are looking for Dream Martial Arts!

James Martinez

Super Good For The Children

Fantastic, fabulous super good for the children of this establishment. I wish you all a great success!