Karate Birthday Party

Have a dream birthday party with us! We offer you the best way to throw a birthday party for your kids. Every year you search for the best place to invite your kid’s friends and their parents so they can have an amazing time and enjoy this happy day. How about this year you come to us, and we’ll help you throw the biggest and most fun birthday party ever!

We are located in Montclair, NJ, and offer martial arts classes for kids and adults. But that’s not all we do. We host great parties and events.

When you come to us for your kid’s martial arts birthday party, you don’t need to worry about the planning. Rest easy knowing that your child and guests will have a great time. All you have to do is enjoy every single moment with your kid(s)!

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Birthday parties at Dream Martial Arts are 90 minutes of fun, with games, races, pizza and a bouncy castle! Our #1 priority is that your children and their friends have fun at one of our marital arts themed birthdays.

If this is what you wish for your child’s birthday party then why not give us a call or visit our dojo! We will be more than happy to discuss our Martial Arts Birthday Parties with you!

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